GF Precinct


GF Precinct produce breads that are delicious, healthy, natural and as fresh as possible! All of their breads are handcrafted in their gluten-free bakery made from scratch, with a wide range to choose from.

Breads Available

  • GF PR Buckwheat & Chia Brd (600g)
  • GF PT Quinoa & Soya Brd (650g)
  • GF PT Market Loaf (600g)
  • GF PR Sprouted Loaf (650g)
  • GF PR Burger Buns 4pk (400g)
  • GF PR Dinner Rolls Plain 6pk (270g)
  • GF PR Dinner Rolls Seed 6pk (270g)
  • GF PR Pizza Bases 2pk (380g)
  • GF PR Breadcrumbs (500g)
  • GF PR Buckwheat/Chia Wraps 4pk (260g)
  • GF PR Broccoli/Kale Wraps 4pk (260g)
  • GF PR Quinoa/Beetroot Wraps 4pk (260g)

Sweet options Available

  • GF PR Fruit Loaf (720g)
  • GF PR Fig & Pistachio Loaf (500g)
  • GF PR Banana Loaf (750g)
  • GF PR Hot Cross Buns (6pk)

Muesli Available

  • G.Luxe Toasted Muesli  (400g)
  • G.Luxe Toasted Muesli  (1.5kg)
  • G.Luxe Untoasted Muesli  (400g)
  • G.Luxe Untoasted Muesli  (1.5kg)
  • G.Luxe Cacao pops (400g)
  • G.Luxe Cacao pops (1.5kg)